Colors, Textures and Customer Satisfaction

Colors, Textures and Customer Satisfaction

Even just a few decades ago when it came to extensions, your options were limited to virgin black or a limited range of natural shades. When it came to the process of installing professional hair extensions, it wasn’t just the consultation and installation, but also custom coloring, bleaching or toning or even chemical processes to give your clients the hair of their dreams. Thankfully, those days are largely behind us. Extension installation methods and technology today have advanced enough that you can give clients the wear they want, at the budget they have and that’s most compatible with their lifestyle.

The Importance of Color Options

Today, clients have an expectation (sometimes unrealistic) of, as Burger King told us over 50 years ago, that you CAN have it your way. Today’s extensions loving fashionista is as varied as she is loyal.

  • The customer who is conscious of chemical damage to their hair from hair color or bleach who likes to create dimension, underlights, or highlights using extensions.
  • The customer who loves to change her hair based on trends and the season, going for mermaid blonde in summer to brownie batter warmth in the autumn.
  • The customer who, through age or health conditions has lost density or hair length and wants to rebuild density and volume by color matching her natural hair.
  • Or even just a customer looking for a few money pieces here and there to frame the face and make her eyes pop.
Hair Extension Color Options

No matter what color they crave, having a wide variety of color options at your disposal can allow you to deliver any kind of desired result, be it matching their hair color or going a little darker or lighter to build depth and dimension. Moreover, having ready to wear balayage, shadow root, ombre, or highlighted shades available means that unlike the old days you don’t have to spend time (and charge them) creating color effects with the install service.

Perfect Locks has curated a wide arrange of natural, or color effect extension options across our complete range of add-on hair to give you a better toolbox to create with and also dazzle clients.

Textured Hair is Everywhere

In the early days, even going back a century when some of the first mass market extensions (called flashes) became available by catalog, textured hair extensions were always limited to straight or wavy. Today however, the population here in the United States has become increasingly diverse as generations of the “melting pot” chasing the American dream have driven a rise in textured hair appearing in salons. Because of the long history of shame that came with that texture however, most of the textured hair that found its way to your salon and chair was seeking chemical services to get rid of their curls, kinks and waves. Then, everything changed and increasingly more women are taking pride in the hair they were born with and when it comes to spending in your salons…they are spending BIG.

Textured Hair Extensions

The textured hair market has become one of the most rapidly-expanding categories in the beauty industry, and rightly so as now 65% of the U.S. population has curly, coily or wavy hair. According to a study by it was reported that 80% of women with curly and coily hair say they purchase products (including extensions) specifically for textured hair. 

Curly consumers spend more each year on hair products than any other texture type – an average of $247 vs. an average of $139 for naturally straight-hair consumers. Think about how you structure your salon space. Beyond announcing that you offer a wide range of texture options with hair extensions from Perfect Locks, also consider your retail area. Do you have textured-hair products in their own area? Is it an obvious area? 

Curly Hair Product Sales

It’s worth the effort to rethink your space, messaging and even your marketing as women with textured hair are willing to spend more on a single product than women with natural straight or relaxed hair (63% reported being willing to spend $25 or more on just one product). 

Curly Hair Care Products

Perfect Locks is proudly one of the few extension companies in the world that is responding to the increased desire to have more textures to meet that booming hunger to rock the hair your clients are born with. It’s also a reminder for you to assess what you’re doing in your salon to meet the needs of your textured hair gals. Are you showing the textured work you do on socials? Are you showing some diversity in your marketing imagery? Have you considered sharing some “curly hair know how”, sharing tips and tricks on management of frizz and curl? 

All of these are opportunities beyond just adding textured hair to your toolbox at the chair that can also add big to your bottom line and help you grow your business.

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