How Much Do I Charge for Hair Extension Services?

How Much Do I Charge for Hair Extension Services?

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 Welcome, aspiring hair stylists interested in expanding their business by offering hair extension services. You’ve made the right choice. Hair extensions have come a long way, and are no longer associated with Britney Spears mid 2000’s. Instead, they’re now seen as a must-have hair luxury that everyone needs for optimal beauty and confidence. Hair extensions are to beauty like Beyonce is to Jay Z. You just can’t have one without the other. So, there’s no better time than right now to start offering hair extension services. Here’s what you need to know. 

Pricing is Highly Based on The Type of Wholesale Hair Extensions

Like most things in life, not all hair extensions are created equally. Hair extensions are offered at various price point, based on the quality, longevity and beauty of each type. Clip in natural hair extensions are always going to be more expensive than clip in synthetic hair extensions because they’re made with real hair, and clip in real hair extensions are going to be less expensive than sewn-ins due to the longevity of the latter. So, the price you’ll need to charge for your hair extension services in order to cover costs (and make some extra) highly depends on the type of wholesale hair extensions you offer with your services. So, this is an excellent place to start when trying to decide how much you should charge.

Here’s a list of whole hair extensions available to you, listed from least expensive to most expensive:

Synthetic hair
Non-remy hair
Remy human hair
Remy human hair with cuticle intact
Virgin cuticle hair

Determine How You’ll Charge for your Hair Extension Services

There are two ways you can charge for your hair extension services – per strand or hourly. Depending on the type of wholesale hair extensions you purchase, it might make sense (and make you more money) to charge hourly instead of per strand.

To put it into perspective, if a package of tape-in Indian hair extensions costs $??, with 10 pieces in each, that’s means each strand costs you $??. If you charge $?? Per strand, you’ll make a profit of $?? for each.

However, if a client wants 80 strands of fusion hair extensions installed, the cost per strand will likely far exceed their budget. So, charging per hour may be the better option for the both of you. 

Decide on the Costs for Different Types of Application

With the prior mentioned, the last thing to do prior to confirming your hair extensive services prices is to consider the different types of applications. Some will take a lot more time to install than others, whereas others require a lot more effort to install. For example, tape-in hair extensions can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, whereas fusion hair extensions can take upwards of two hours. As such, depending on how many strands are being installed, it might make sense (and you more revenue) to charge hourly for tape-ins. So, you want to choose a price that compensates your time and effort, while also being competitive within the industry.  

Choosing the proper prices to charge for your hair extension services requires a bit of groundwork. You’ll have to crunch some numbers, explore the vast array of wholesale hair extension options, crunch some more numbers, determine how long it takes you to do each type of application and – you guessed it – crunch some more numbers. When you’re certain of the type of hair extension services you want to offer, you can purchase all of your wholesale hair extensions at competitive prices on Perfect Locks.   

You’ll want to charge a competitive rate for your area while still making a profit. Ask other stylists in your area to see what the going price is to get a ballpark idea. If you price too high, you won’t get a lot of clients. If you price too low, you might be not earning enough money to break even.

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