Tape-In Hair

Use seamless tape-in hair extensions for a long-lasting and manageable solution. This product will delight your customers and can be easily installed in a short amount of time. Tape-In hair extensions are non-damaging as they are lightweight and gentle on the hair. Each install typically lasts 4-6 weeks and can easily be reinstalled by using hair replacement tape tabs. Our tape-ins are proven to perform.

Tape-In 14" = 19 grams Tape-In 18" = 21.5 grams Tape-In 22" = 22.5 grams

Advised Quantity for Tape-In Hair
Desired Results Fine Density Medium Density Thick
Volume3 to 4 packs 4 to 6 packs 6+ Packs
Color3 to 4 packs 4 to 6 packs 6+ Packs
Length3 to 4 packs 4 to 6 packs 6+ Packs

* Final results may vary depending on your client's hair type, condition, and desired results.

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