Welcome to our Pro Affiliate Program! We are beyond excited to collaborate with you to create inspiring and gorgeous content to be shared on social media. When creating content, please review the guidelines below. Reach out to your affiliate manager with any questions or concerns about our program. We are so excited to see your creativity come to life!


Perfect Locks is all about looking good and feeling great! At Perfect Locks, we believe our products should be used to empower women by showcasing their natural beauty. We are proud to produce ethically sourced products to a diverse range of customers around the world. We are confident, luxurious, and playful! All of us are beyond perfect in our own unique way.


Perfect Locks is a leading hair extension brand since 2007. We offer endless hair extensions and wigs that can transform your look, no matter what hair solution you’re looking for. We want you to show us how you install and style your Perfect Locks to transform your look.


  • Shoot on a clean, solid background. We suggest using either a neutral blank wall or simple solid colored backdrop. This allows the viewer to focus on you!
  • Lighting is extremely important. Please use a ring light or shoot in bright, natural light.
  • When selecting wardrobe, wear neutral, logo-free tops and keep your hair color in mind. A contrast in color will help your hair stand out. Our preferred color choices are: Black, White, Gold, Nude, Grey, Light Pink.
  • If you choose to wear makeup, soft neutral glam or natural beauty is preferred. Perfect Locks faux lashes are a plus.
  • Include the Perfect Locks product packaging and/or a close-up shot of the product in front of the camera.
  • The hair should be the focal point of the video. We prefer big loose curls, beachy waves, defined curls, sleek styles, large braids.
  • When framing your videos, always shoot in vertical mode. We will not accept horizontal format.
  • Ensure that all video footage is high-resolution, and full length of hair is visible at all times.
  • Showing the transformative benefits of Perfect Locks is key. Include a before and after shot in the beginning, followed by a quick tutorial on how to achieve the look. End with the finished shot from multiple angles.
  • Please do not include any graphics, copy, or logos in your video.
  • When selecting music, stick to high-energy and current top 40 music.
  • Video should ideally be between 20-40 seconds in length.