Essential Techniques

Elite Certification

Learn Tape-Ins, Fusion I-tips, Beaded Weft, and the Perfect Locks Method

Essential Methods to Build Your Biz

Elite Certification

Learn Tape-Ins, Fusion I-tips, Beaded Weft,
and the Perfect Locks Method

Signature Education

Elite Overview

Have you been wanting to offer extension services but not sure where to start? Or maybe you offer one or two methods but want to be well versed in all things extensions? Well you’re in the right place! Our Prestige courses are a PERFECT way to jump start and expand your knowledge as an extension artist. In this Prestige course you will learn three methods that will guarantee your growth both in knowledge AND in revenue.

Pro Stylist Pricing
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Complete Certification

What You'll Learn

The Perfect Locks Method

Our exclusve hand-tied weft technique that works for all textures. Amazing results!

Approx. 138 minutes

Tape-In Training

Our Tape-In Certification is designed for both beginner and experienced stylists who want to perfect their skills.

Approx. 77 minutes

Beaded Weft Training

Beaded Wefts is a popular method that's quick and easy. It's a must-have certicication for every stylist.

Approx. 18 minutes

Fusion I-Tip Training

Learn beyond the basic with our I-Tip Certification. A classic techniqe with limitless possibilities.

Approx. 26 minutes
Prestige Hair Extension Kit

The Elite Kit

  • Silicone beads 3mm (black)
  • Signature Fang Pliers (1)
  • Signature Tapered Pliers (1)
  • Signature flat pliers (1)
  • Signature loop tool (1)
  • Signature velcro clips (4)
  • Nylon thread (black)
  • Mini duck bill clips (15)
  • Crochet hooks (2)
  • Pintail comb (1)
  • Butterfly clips (4)
  • Gator clips (4)
  • Duck bill clips (10)
  • Fabric measuring tape (1)
  • Magnetic wristband (1)
  • Mini shears (1)
  • Curved needle (3)
  • Hand-tied wefts (2 tracks)
  • Tape in (10)
  • Beaded weft (1)
  • I-tips (12)

Price w/ course: $349 FREE

Client Analyzation & Consultation

Learn how to analyze your client's hair needs so you execute the perfect solution for them.


The Perfect Locks Method is our signature extension application technique and we take SO much pride in it! Our brief application allows us to ensure that our method is going to be in the right hands! We look for artists who take pride in their work, clientele and career; someone who will use our method the way it was meant to be used and who takes as much pride in the PLM as we do!

The Prestige method certification includes Tape in, iTip, and Beaded wefts applications! The Elite Certification includes all of those methods PLUS our signature method, The Perfect Locks method. In addition, you will have access to our one of a kind ‘pop up shop’ where we will send you hair to stock in your salon with no upfront cost! *insert ‘Learn more about the pop up shop’ tab.

The Perfect coach is the person who will be with you every step of the way during your PLM certification! They will be the ones you communicate with consistently as well as ask any questions you may have. Throughout the course, you will be instructed on photos and videos to send to your coach in order for them to help you grasp everything. Your Perfect coach will be the person to certify you at the end of the course!

The Prestige certification takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete. The Perfect Locks method can be completed in as little as 7 days. The speed at which you complete your certification is completely dependent on you and allows you to go at your own pace!

-Our educators are here to help you even after you complete the online certification! This is where the private Facebook groups come into play. Any specific question you have can be posted in the group and one of our educators will answer you in detail! If you don’t feel comfortable posting your questions publicly or if you feel you need more knowledge on something in particular, please . One of our educators will reach out to you personally to answer any questions.