Standard Machine Weft

For a standard sew-in weft Application Time, you will need to create a secure braided foundation in any area desired. Once your braided foundation is complete, attach your machine wefts by using weaving thread and a curved sewing needle. Installing Perfect Locks machine wefts using this sew-in method is a great way to give your client's natural hair a break from chemical services or even seasonal challenges. Sew-in weaves act as a protective shield for natural hair, which means heat such as blow-drying, curling, flat ironing, and rollers can be applied without consequence!

Make it a Beaded Install

To create a beaded weft install using your Perfect Locks machine wefts, you will need to part your client's hair in a horizontal section starting at the bottom working upwards. After sectioning, you will need to create a secure base using micro ring beads and your Perfect Locks hook pulling needle to pull the hair through the beads and clamp them closed using your Perfect Locks ridged pliers. Repeat this step while working your client's head until you have reached the other side. Once your base for this row is completed, secure your hand-tied weft onto the beads using weaving thread and a curved sewing needle. A Perfect Locks pulling loop wand and Perfect Locks 3-in-1 tool can be used to complete this installation as well.