Essential Techniques

Prestige Certification

Learn the 3 most popular techniques guaranteed to increase your business.

Essential Methods to Build Your Biz

Prestige Certification

Learn the 3 most popular techniques
guaranteed to increase your business.

Signature Education

Prestige Overview

Have you been wanting to offer extension services but not sure where to start? Or maybe you offer one or two methods but want to be well versed in all things extensions? Well you’re in the right place! Our Prestige courses are a PERFECT way to jump start and expand your knowledge as an extension artist. In this Prestige course you will learn three methods that will guarantee your growth both in knowledge AND in revenue. This course is open to students and stylists of all levels.

Pro Stylist Pricing
$299 for students

Level-Up Your Education

Individual Courses

Tape-In Certification

Elevate your hair skills with our Tape-In Certification course. Learn application, maintenance, and styling for flawless, long-lasting extensions.

Pro Stylist Pricing
(Bring your own kit)

Fusion I-TIp Certification

Transform your hair expertise with our Fusion I-Tip Certification. Gain mastery in application, blending, and styling for stunning, natural-looking extensions.

Pro Stylist Pricing
(Bring your own kit)

Beaded Weft Certification

Unlock your potential with our Beaded Weft Certification. Learn the art of secure attachment and creative styling for luxurious, voluminous hair.

Pro Stylist Pricing
(Bring your own kit)

Complete Certification

What You'll Learn

Tape-In Training

Our Tape-In Certification is designed for both beginner and experienced stylists who want to perfect their skills.

Approx. 77 minutes

Beaded Weft Training

Beaded Wefts is a popular method that's quick and easy. It's a must-have certicication for every stylist.

Approx. 18 minutes

Fusion I-Tip Training

Learn beyond the basic with our I-Tip Certification. A classic techniqe with limitless possibilities.

Approx. 26 minutes
Hair Extension Training Kit

The Prestige Kit

  • Silicone beads (black)
  • Tapered pliers (1)
  • Signature loop tool (1)
  • Crochet hook (1)
  • Signature flat pliers (1)
  • Signature velcro clips (4)
  • Pintail comb (1)
  • Butterfly clips (4)
  • Gator clips (4)
  • Duck bill clips (10)
  • Mini shears (1)
  • Mini duck bill clips (5)
  • Tape in (10)
  • Beaded weft (1)
  • I-tips (10)

Price w/ course: $175 FREE

Client Analyzation & Consultation

Learn how to analyze your client's hair needs so you execute the perfect solution for them.